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Greg Biddell


Greg was born again under the ministry of Oral Roberts in 1956 when he was just eight years old. He knew from an early age that he was called to ministry and each week his family held a church meeting in their home after attending their local church service.

Greg's father, Mick Biddell, worked in the coal mines during the depression and later became a champion wrestler, along with his brother Jack, who won the middleweight championship title of Australia.

At three years of age, Greg contracted meningitis and lost the ability to speak. He attended regular speech therapy sessions, but after two years was still unable to utter a single word.

The doctors advised that he should be enrolled at the local primary school for 'social interaction and development', but this proved disasterous, as his inability to communicate made him a target for the schoolyard bullies.

Greg's father was a man who did not believe in giving up and was determined that, with fatherly encouragement and time, his son would learn to speak again. Every evening after work, he stood his son against a wall and uttered noises for Greg to mimic. His attitude was, "if you can make the sound of a vowel, then you can conquer a word ... and if you can conquer a word, you can speak a phrase ... and once you have overcome a phrase, you will triumph over a sentence ... and before you know it, you'll be speaking with the best of them".

In 1956 Greg's father was coerced into attending an Oral Roberts revival meeting and at the end of the service Rev. Roberts gave an altar call for salvation. In fear, his father automatically moved his hands downward, while at the same time taking both his son's hands in an effort to protect his boys from being caught up in what he considered to be, religious hysteria. When Oral Roberts said "Put your hand up now if you want to give your life to Jesus," a miracle took place and without hesitation Greg's dad responded by lifting both his hands, which were still bonded to his sons and all three were instantly saved by the power of God.

At nineteen, Greg moved to Western Australia to attend Bible School where he met Sue. By the end of the first week they both knew that they were to spend the rest of their lives together and became engaged. They married twelve months later in 1967.

Greg and Sue served four years as missionaries in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Thank the Lord, Greg's father had taught him the principle of perseverance as all their personal belongings were lost in transit.

After arriving home to Australia, Greg felt that at twenty five years of age he and Sue were too young to pastor, so he opted instead to start a photographic company. This business was very successful until everything was lost for a second time in a fire. Within a couple of months, Greg and Sue accepted a position to pastor a church in Darwin and arrived at their new posting a week before Cyclone Tracy. All their remaining possessions were lost in this third disaster. It is no wonder Greg believes 'Failures are just stepping stones to success.'

Greg and Sue pastored for fourteen years in the Northern Territory and during that time built two church buildings. These days they travel constantly as full-time itinerant ministers, speaking in churches and holding seminars and conferences around the nation. Even though Greg teaches on countless subjects, he is best known for his teaching on 'Divine Health' and 'Divine Healing'.

Their ministry has been well received throughout Australia and they have ministered in U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Timor.

Greg's main thrust in ministry is teaching on 'Divine Health'. This subject has absolutely nothing to do with exercise, diet or popping pills, but everything to do with a Godly lifestyle and our emotions. Both the Bible and medical science agree that when we allow our emotions to rule, it will have an effect on our body and health. A positive emotion will produce a positive result, whereas a negative emotion will cause a negative outcome.

Greg has found that people, as a whole, are very interested in their health and that health products have become a multi-million dollar industry over the past decade. All types of people, including Christians, are being sucked into the world's formulas instead of following the blueprint prescribed by the Lord for us as believers. He teaches on the ramifications of prolonged grief, bitterness, unforgiveness, stress and worry, as well as the benefits of joy, laughter and forgiveness.

The Biddell's have published twenty four Christian books and have sold over 250,000 copies along with a range of anointed CDs and inspirational Wall Charts.